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The Shoulders of InfoSec Project

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"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants"


Most famously attributed to Sir Isaac Newton, this quote reflects the sentiment of this project. All of us in the field of information security stand on the shoulders of giants, this project is dedicated to shining a light on those shoulders- the known and unknown. Initially focusing on early contributors to InfoSec, the project will continue to grow with community support.


Contact email is info[at]shouldersofinfosec.org Please email comments, remembrances, anecdotes, and references to add to the body of knowledge. If you would like to contribute to this project on an ongoing basis, please request membership and help maintain the wiki.


Antivirus Pioneers page


Web Application Security page


References and Resources Page

Featuring references and resources for finding more information on the history of information security.


Rest In Code

A memorial site for those we have lost, primarily in the Hacker communities.


Master list:


The 414s



Acid Phreak

Bob Abbott - (Abbot, Robert P)
Len Adleman - (Adleman, Leonard M)
Jim Anderson - (Anderson, James P)

Ross Anderson - (Anderson, Ross J)



Becky Bace - (Bace, Rebecca)

Bob Baldwin - (Baldwin, Robert W)

David Bell - (Bell, David Elliott)

Steve Bellovin - (Bellovin, Steve)

Ken Biba - (Biba, Kenneth J)

Jim Bidzos - (Bidzos, Jim)

Matt Bishop - (Bishop, Matt)

Loyd 'The Mentor' Blankenship - (Blankenship, Loyd)

Eric Bloodaxe (Bloodaxe, Eric)

Sheila Brand - (Brand, Sheila)

Dirk Brezinski - (Brezinski, Dirk)

The Brotherhood



Jon Callas - (Callas, Jon)

Christopher Campbell - (Campbell, Christopher)

Ann Caracristi - (Caracristi, Ann Z)

Carey Marcus - (Carey J)

René Carmille - (Carmille, René)

Carnegie Mellon Computer Emergency Response Team

Vint Cerf - (Cerf, Vinton)

Chaos Computer Club

Scott Charney - Charney, Scott)

David Chaum - (Chaum, David L)

Bill Cheswick - (Cheswick, William)

Jim Christy - (Christy, James)

Chen Chui - (Chui, Chen)

David Clark - (Clark, David D)

Richard A Clarke - (Clark, Richard A)

Clifford Cocks - (Cocks, Clifford)

Fred Cohen - (Cohen, Fred)

Fernando 'Corby' Corbató - (Corbató, Fernando J)

Eric Corley - (Corley, Eric) (aka Emmanuel Goldstein)

Steve Crocker - (Crocker, Stephen D)

James Croke - (Croke, James J)

Cult of the Dead Cow




Data Stream

Joan Daemen - (Daemen, Joan)

Donnelly Ben - (Donnelly, Ben)

Dorothy Denning - (Denning, Dorothy E)
Whit Diffie - (Diffie, Whitfield)

John T Draper - (Draper, John T) "Captain Crunch"



Dan Edwards - (Edwards, Daniel J)

Peter Elias - (Elias, Peter)

James Ellis - (Ellis, James H)

Joe Engressia - (Engressia, Joe) (aka Joybubbles)



Dan Farmer - (Farmer, Dan)

Hilda Faust - (Faust, Hilda)
Horst Feistel - (Feistel, Horst)

Hal Finney - (Finney, Hal)

Francesco Vianello - (Vianello, Francesco) "+Fravia"

Elizebeth Friedman - (Friedman, Elizebeth S)

Fry Guy



Dan Geer - (Geer, Dan)

Ted Glaser - (Glaser, Edward L)

Terri Gilbert - (Gilbert, Terri)
Virgil Gligor - (Gligor, Virgil D)

Hans Gliss - (Gliss, Hans)

Stephan Gold - (Gold, Stephan)

Ross Greenberg - (Greenberg, Ross)

Ron Gula - (Gula, Ron)

Peter Guttman - (Guttman, Peter)



Marty Hellman - (Hellman, Martin E)

Markus Hess - (Hess, Markus)
Harold Highland - (Highland, Harold)

Lance Hoffman - (Hoffman, Lance J)
Jack Holleran - (Holleran, Jack)

Homebrew Computer Club

Grace Hopper - (Hopper, Grace M)

Russ Housley - (Housley, Russ)

Hans Huebner - (Huebner, Hans)



Cynthia Irvine - (Irvine, Cynthia E)



Terence Jackson - (Jackson, Terence)

Michael Jacobs - (Jacobs, Michael)

George Jelen - (Jelen, George F)

Bob Johnston - (Johnston, Robert E)

Anita Jones - (Jones, Anita)



Peter Kahl - (Kahl, Peter)

David Kahn - (Kahn, David)

Paul Karger - (Karger, Paul)

Stephen Katz - (Katz, Stephen)

Charlie Kaufman - (Kaufman, Charles)

Harold "Doc" Keen - (Keen, Harold)

Stephen Kent - (Kent, Stephen)

Auguste Kerckhoffs - (Kerckhoffs, Auguste)

Gene Kim - (Kim, Gene)

Darren Kitchen - (Kitchen, Darren)

Chris Klaus - (Klaus, Christopher W)

Knight Lightning

Karl Koch - (Koch, Karl)

Paul Kocher - (Kocher, Paul)




Butler Lampson - (Lampson, Butler W)

Susan Landau - (Landau, Susan)

Bill Landreth - (Landreth, William)

Carl Landwehr - (Landwehr, Carl)

Robert Lee - (Lee, Robert)


Len Lapadula - (LaPadula, Leonard J)

Legion of Doom

Karl Levitt - (Levitt, Karl)

Joseph Licklider - (Licklider, Joseph)

Steve Lipner - (Lipner, Steve)

L0pht Heavy Industries



Masters of Deception

F Lynn McNulty - (McNulty, F Lynn)

Rich Marshall - (Marshall, Richard)

Nevil Maskelyne - (Maskelyne, Nevil)

Timothy C May - (May, Timothy C)

Gary McGraw - (McGraw, Gary)
Ralph Merkle - (Merkle, Ralph C)

St Jude - (Milhon, Jude)

Ken Minihan - (Minihan, Kenneth A)

MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab

Robert Morris - (Morris, Robert)
Robert T Morris - (Morris, Robert T)

Shannon Morse - (Morse, Shannon)
William Hugh Murray - (Murray, William H)



Evi Nemeth - (Nemeth, Evi)

Peter Neumann - (Neumann, Peter G)

Grace Nibaldi - (Nibaldi, Grace H)

NMRC - Nomad Mobile Research Centre



Ken Olthoff - (Olthoff, Kenneth G)



Donn Parker - (Parker, Donn B)

Neal Patrick - (Patrick, Neal)

Padgett Peterson - (Peterson, Padgett)

The P.H.I.R.M.

Phiber Optik

Kevin Lee Poulsen - (Poulsen, Kevin Lee) "Dark Dante"




Marcus Ranum - (Ranum, Marcus J)

Marian Rejewski - (Rejewski, Marian)

Vincent Rijmen - (Rijmen, Vincent)

Dennis Ritchie - (Ritchie, Dennis)

Ron Rivest - (Rivest, Ronald L)

Lawrence Roberts - (Roberts, Lawrence G)

Ron Ross - (Ross, Ron)

Jerzy Różycki - (Różycki, Jerzy)



Jerry Saltzer - (Saltzer, Jerry)

Marv Schaeffer - (Schaeffer, Marvin)

Roger Schell - (Schell, Roger)
Robert Schifreen - (Schifreen, Robert)

Howard Schmidt - (Schmidt, Howard A)

Bruce Schneier - (Schneier, Bruce)

Corey Schou - (Schou, Corey)

Mike Schroeder - (Schroeder, Michael)

Gene Schultz - (Schultz, Eugene)

Winn Schwartau - (Schwartau, Winn)


Charles Sennewald - (Sennewald, Charles)

Adi Shamir - (Shamir, Adi)

Claude Shannon - (Shannon, Claude E)

Tsutomu Shimomura - (Shimomura, Tsutomu)

Greg Shipley - (Shipley, Greg)

Peter Shipley - (Shipley, Peter)

Olin Sibert - (Sibert, Olin)

Edward Austin Singh - (Singh, Edward Austin)

Brian Snow - (Snow, Brian D)
Spaf - (Spafford, Eugene H)
William Stallings - (Stallings, William)
Cliff Stoll - (Stoll, Clifford P)



Peter Tasker - (Tasker, Peter S)

Richard Thieme - (Thieme, Richard)

Ken Thompson - (Thompson, Ken)

Hal Tipton - (Tipton, Hal)

Walter Tuchman - (Tuchman, Walter)

Alan Turing - (Turing, Alan)







Weitse Venema - (Venema, Weitse)



Steve Walker - (Walker, Steve)

The Warelords

Willis Ware - (Ware, Willis H)

Steffen Weihruch - (Weiruch, Steffen)

Clark Weissman - (Weissman, Clark)

Gordon Welchman - (Welchman, Gordon)

Steffen Wernery - (Wernery, Steffen)

Thomas Whiteside - (Whiteside, Thomas)

Norbert Wiener - (Wiener, Norbert)

Malcolm Williamson - (Williamson, Malcom J)

Gerald Wondra - (Wondra, Gerald)

Steve Wozniak - (Wozniak, Steve) "Oak Toebark"



Herbert Yardley - (Yardley, Herbert)

Youth International Party Line/Technical Assistance Program



Kevin Ziese - (Ziese, Kevin J)

Phil Zimmerman - (Zimmerman, Phil)

Henryk Zygalski - (Zygalski, Henryk)


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