Lance Hoffman - (Hoffman, Lance J)

Inducted into the (US) National Cyber Security Hall of Fame 2016

From the Cyber Security Hall of Fame page:

"Distinguished Research Professor of Computer Science The George Washington University"

"Professor Hoffman developed the nation’s first regularly offered university course on computer security and is the author or editor of five books that captured the state of cybersecurity and privacy at various times between 1973 and 1995. His 1999 study of encryption products explored the effect of the United States export control regime that he later presented before Congress. 

"His research has spanned multiple aspects of cybersecurity including cryptography policy, risk analysis, and statistical inference for data mining. His thought leadership included pioneering workshops on Internet voting, cybersecurity educational competitions, and workforce development; the institutionalizing of the ACM Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy; and the development of courses that focused on e-commerce security, information policy, and cybersecurity and governance as the field broadened. 

"He initiated and still leads a CyberCorps scholarship program that has produced dozens of cybersecurity experts with degrees in at least ten majors who have gone on to work for dozens of different government agencies. Some later started their own cybersecurity companies."